High Achieving Women In Relationships

Why Do High Achieving Women Struggle In Relationships And Emotions

Over the last decade of having worked with several high achieving women struggling in relationships, both, personal & professional, I decided to interview 50 such women who were action-oriented problem solvers battling their emotions & its entanglements. This article focuses on the findings from my (ongoing) qualitative research on High Achieving Women in Relationships, & … Read more

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I want to share with you three distinct phases of my life that have culminated to this moment, here & now.
I Have Struggled With Emotions For More Than 3 Decades! As a child, pretty early on, I felt “different” – as if, somehow, I was more “mature” than other children my age. Back then, of course, I couldn’t articulate it, I just remember having always felt a little different from other children. Today that I understand a little better…