Depth Seekers Is An Incredible Space.

Depth Seekers is an incredible space to really deep dive and work on your Inner-Self. I have had the pleasure to learn and work on myself through a beautifully curated step-by-step journey. The work that Shobhali does, is above and beyond.

I feel that I am much more aware of my limiting beliefs and repetitive patterns that kept me stuck and from moving on. I do struggle with mental resistance on days when I am not paying attention and awareness to my body yet I can now quickly catch hold of myself.

I’ve also become aware of my attachment style within my relationships which has helped me to work on them more consciously especially with my parents. Further, I realized that I kept mostly in my head which earlier used to keep me disconnected from and within my body. Now, I try to be present within my body and sense more connection.

Another important aspect that became evident was that I was numbing my emotions at the time and could not sense what I was feeling. So, after much inner work and flow practice, I can sense in a little bit more and stay with my myself and my emotions and hold space for myself.

Further, I started noticing my inner dialogue and realized that even though I thought I was kind to myself, I still showed some amount of violence towards myself while soothing. So, through consistent practice I can now sense in and be more compassionate towards myself and identify the voice of judgement whenever it arises especially when I felt like crying. 

Also, I became conscious of the deep sadness that I carry within me, I am now slightly better equipped to create a space to let it co-exist with my other emotions at the same time. And I am able to allow myself to exist in non-binaries and have more than one truth co-exist in my reality and accept it. 

And lastly, I am able to identify and recognize my coping mechanisms in the form of food, binge watching social media especially during bouts of boredom, guilt, shame and sadness.