Mind Blown To Another Level!

I remember the first time opening up in the group about my ordeals & the moment they said that “they see me” it was an unexplainable shift I felt within me. I still can’t articulate just that it felt like that moment there was a vacuum created and the power of the negative thought died.
Post that I became so much more of myself as if I had a new face and wisdom to comprehend life.

I believe it’s one of the things, “few things that can’t be described in words but can be deeply felt within”.

My initial feelings around the group work were being scared, apprehensive, almost like how can I get naked in front of everyone but not realizing that’s where the magic lies. I feel I have become more connected with myself than ever.

I’m mind-blown to another level looking at the program now, it’s next level beautiful how you have brought in your learning and integrated them in this beautiful program. You have no idea but I’m super duper excited to follow through it now.