My Work With You Has Put Me On A Different Path.

You have been my guiding light for quite some time now. Our relationship started with my quest for inner work. While I was trying to find answers to numerous questions, I wasn’t able to find a holistic space and a guide.

I had tried several options in isolation and none of them really worked out for me. My search ended when I started my work with you.

You enabled a holistic and a wholesome healing space for me with a right mix and balance of head, heart, body and soul. The beauty of the work you did with me lied in the fact that the ownership of my growth and learning stayed with me, while you played a role of a guide and an anchor.

I have witnessed more than expected shifts in myself and my understanding of spirituality and its practices. To be precise, my work with you has put me on a different path altogether and has opened several doors that remain to be explored.