All Testimonials shared here are with consent.

To honor the choice & privacy of some women who wished to share their experiences without sharing their identities, there are multiple anonymous testimonials too.

Mind Blown To Another Level!

I’m mind-blown to another level looking at the program now, it’s next level beautiful how you have brought in your learning and integrated them in this beautiful program. Read more “Mind Blown To Another Level!”

Ayushi Arora
Ayushi Arora

Being Present In My Own Body I Can Feel Safe.

This allows me to look at my fears and be able to understand where they are coming from. How not to  drown in them, but be able to hold them and let them pass and allow my self to heal. Read more “Being Present In My Own Body I Can Feel Safe.”

Roopali Paliwal
Roopali Paliwal

The Deeper I See, The Calmer I Am.

I feel as I practice these, & as I become aware, my Ignorance shifts, & thereby my Assumptions reduce, thus, my Sufferings reduce, as I start to make choices after Analyzing with Awareness… I can see my own past acts & think what I should shift… Read more “The Deeper I See, The Calmer I Am.”

Sukanya's Testimonial
Sukanya Durai

Learning To Be Equanimous, Working With Mind & Body.

I have become WISE…I now have RESPECT for my Body. I respect & take care of my Body – my vessel, my vehicle, my temple. I can see, listen into, & heal whatever comes up. It’s noticing the daily small shifts that produce the most profound results. Read more “Learning To Be Equanimous, Working With Mind & Body.”

Meghna's Testimonial
Meghna Chawla

This Course & The Guide Are Both Absolutely Amazing.

This experience has shifted much more than words can express inside me. I now have simple tools & practices to guide me when I lose that sense of clarity. Read more “This Course & The Guide Are Both Absolutely Amazing.”

Sanymi 's Testimonial
Sanymi Gupta

I Feel Grounded & Also More Safe Within.

This stability I can feel in me. No matter if I have or do not have someone, I have started to look up to me and be my own go to person. I can feel all these shifts. Read more “I Feel Grounded & Also More Safe Within.”

Chandana's Testimonial
Chandana Singh

Difference Between My Emotion & Me Being Me.

The awareness of my body, of my surroundings, of my emotions which has developed in me, makes me feel that gratitude towards everything around me and be a calmer person. Read more “Difference Between My Emotion & Me Being Me.”

Shobhna's Testimonial
Shobhna Bansal

Spotting Patterns & Correcting My Reaction!

It makes me very emotional at times to believe what I was being wrapped in, but her holding space is giving me the trust to believe in myself. Read more “Spotting Patterns & Correcting My Reaction!”

Mathangi's Testimonial

Empowered To Take On My Own Healing Journey.

During my journey, she offered valuable input and fresh perspective that helped me identify my own emotional/ reaction patterns and shift my ways of thinking to create a healthier state of mind. Read more “Empowered To Take On My Own Healing Journey.”

Ayushi Jain's Testimonial
Ayushi Jain

Master Of My Own Life.

It seems to me that Shobhali does not only coach you during the sessions but also functions like a channel and presents the knowledge that you really need. Read more “Master Of My Own Life.”

Sheetal's Testimonial
Sheetal Arya

My Work With You Has Put Me On A Different Path.

I have witnessed more than expected shifts in myself and my understanding of spirituality and its practices. To be precise, my work with you has put me on a different path altogether and has opened several doors that remain to be explored. Read more “My Work With You Has Put Me On A Different Path.”

Neha's Testimonial
Neha Rathi

Depth Seekers Is An Incredible Space.

I started noticing my inner dialogue and realized that even though I thought I was kind to myself, I still showed some amount of violence towards myself while soothing. Read more “Depth Seekers Is An Incredible Space.”

Aakriti Jindal's Testimonial
Aakriti Jindal

It’s Rigorous Yet Rewarding.

I think this program came as blessing at a time when I most needed it. Perfect coach, inspiring community and hands on application of life management tools. Read more “It’s Rigorous Yet Rewarding.”

Yashika Fulwani's Testimonial
Yashika Fulwani

Patterns In My Family Collective Have Healed.

Lately patterns in my collective don’t stay for long. It’s been good to observe & shift them together as they come along. Read more “Patterns In My Family Collective Have Healed.”

A Big Shift!

I’m no longer wanting to ask suggestions or questions to clarify my doubts related to my (feeling low) ego or the self-doubts… Read more “A Big Shift!”

Bringing In Consistency.

This has happened for the first time in our relationship that I felt equipped enough to be there for her! Read more “Bringing In Consistency.”

Hurt Happened & Healing May Take Time.

Without realizing I am carrying all that trauma within me, & it’s upon me to change the course of my actions by not repeating behaviors – even unconsciously. Read more “Hurt Happened & Healing May Take Time.”

Pulled Out A Piece Stuck In My Chest.

Watching this made me feel so normal – I felt a sense of some space being created within me as if someone had finally pulled out a piece stuck in my chest. Read more “Pulled Out A Piece Stuck In My Chest.”

I Never Realized I Was Being Violent.

I now understand it better because earlier in my mind I was always being kind & looking out for myself, but I never realized that I was also being violent & kept having negative self-talk. Read more “I Never Realized I Was Being Violent.”

I Feel I Can Heal Myself.

There is a strong belief now that I’m capable of handling any situation and that I can heal any trauma/ hurt by myself… Read more “I Feel I Can Heal Myself.”

There’s More Clarity.

I’m able to see things as what they are, & I get more clarity… Less Questions, & more Answers. Read more “There’s More Clarity.”

Opening Of Root Chakra.

I feel stability in me. No matter if I have or do not have someone, I have started to look up to me and be my own go to person. I feel all these shifts. Read more “Opening Of Root Chakra.”

So Simple Yet So Profound.

The voices within me didn’t know each other existed and have just found out about each other and it’s such an intense feeling of developing bonding/ partnership between them. Read more “So Simple Yet So Profound.”